60MM Hub Motor hill test carbon deck space cell vesc

60mm hub motor

these are my custom 60mm hub motors with slim carbon fibre longboard deck from enertionboards.com,

the whole setup weighs 6.8KG has a top speed of 40KM/H and a range of 15KM. the motor have been upgraded from the last setup with upgraded magnets and better quality machining.

my setup:

my custom hub motor build thread https://endless-sphere.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=65636

Enertion electric longboard carbon fibre deck

Enertion S.P.A.C.E Battery LG 18650HE4 10s pack with BMS

Benjamin venders open source VESC http://vedder.se/2015/01/vesc-open-source-esc/

also available from enertion

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I like it and they seem to be more powerful then the 50mm’s.

Hub motors can be strong driving up hills.

Acceleration test on almost the same setup, some other 60mm hub motors (83mm wheels) with the Enertion cell and VESCs:

Too many people around though. :smile:


Nice! How did you inbed your videos?

Thanks, I think I just pasted the link YT provided.

Hello every one, I wanted more hub motors for personal use so I have placed an order for 20x of my 63mm hub motors. They are based on the 6355 motor that enertion sell and will have the same high quality stator and winding with my magnet upgrades.

The motors will also come with a 83mm wheel on the motor.

The great thing is I will be selling them for $299 for a pair. They have great power and save you a lot on your build while looking so much better.

Please every one let me know your interest, there are only 8 sets up for grabs as I need to keep 2 for myself. If I need to order more I can do that. if any one want to pay 63mm motor Paypal

Shipping date 11th of Jan

What would shipping be to madrid, Spain?

Also props, that is super sleek.

Will be about $60 but I’m not collecting shipping till its time to ship!

@jacobbloy so would you recommend using a 10S battery for these motors?

Yes 10s I haven’t tested any higher.