6354 / 6374 Stealth Motor Group Buy: Part 2 🚨🚀

What would I need to do to this motor to make it similar in connections to this one?


The only difference is the bullet connector size, these motors use 4mm and DIY uses 5.5mm. $61 compared to $90. That over $30 savings with shipping

So, you would just have to solder different connectors on (if wanted). In my experience all of my ESC’s have used 4mm. And if you are using a VESC you can solder on the included female connectors.

So the VESC DIY makes is 5.5mm connectors and other companies make 4mm ones?

yea the vesc i just got from diy had 5.5mm, i cut them off and put 4mm bullets because thats what all my motors have. i think my first one didn’t have any connectors.

Please fill out this form if you are participating in the group buy: https://goo.gl/forms/BibbXK07XVnxMLiq1

Our motors also have an extended stator, upgraded retaining rings as well as a few other modifications so bullet connector size isn’t the only difference. But these motors are a great deal nonetheless.

@chris.hunt - You could just solder an adapter to change 4mm to 5.5mm as well.

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Would you ship to europe? What would the shipping cost be?

Yes or course. Idk about the shipping. It is currently $58 to ship 2 motors to Australia.

im in for one. form filled, paid. @JLabs thank you for making this possible.

bump bump bump

OK I’m in for one. Thanks again.

I got 10x 6374 for those who were interested. PM me for info.

Ok, so there are 9x 6374’s left and a bunch of 6354’s. Prices are $61 for 6354 and $73 for 6374.

I might have to go for one soon, my sk3 is acting funny…

Just let me know. Dosnt hurt to have one laying around.

Here is the updated link to the form, if you did not fill it out please do: https://goo.gl/forms/AZpKK4gaOyIAI3us2

There are 6x 6374’s left at $73, and a bunch of 6354’s left at $61.

bump bump bump… Still looking for a few more people to jump in.

Still have a few more motors that need a new home!

hall sensor connector is wrong size for vesc. spins good tho

Bump bump bump… need a few more to jump in.