6354 / 6374 Stealth Motor Group Buy: Part 2 🚨🚀

After the overwhelming response on the last 6354 / 6374 group buy, I have another 35 6354’s available. They are going to be the same spec as the last buy, but with silicon wires!

So here are the specs again:

190kv sensored 6354 180mm silicone power wire length / 180mm hall sensor wires (120 degree) 4mm bullet connectors 8mm shaft with keyway 0.2mm stator N42SH curved magnets NSK ball bearings 30mm AND 44mm mounting holes (works with TB and Enertion mounts)

The silicon wire added $2 per motor so the price is $61 and the shipping as follows:

1-2 Motors: $6.80

4 Motors: $13.45

International: $57 (max 2 motors, message for more than 2)

If you want to see pictures and up on the first buy: http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/59-6354-6374-190kv-sensored-stealth-motor-group-buy/7955?u=jlabs

Message me for PayPal info. Make the title like this to make it easier: 'Forum Name (x#of motors) Ex: JLabs (2x 6354)

If there is interest in the 6374 let me know, there will be limited stock. If we go over the 35, I may be able to get more if they are not sold out. I have 35 reserved currently.

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Yep put me down for 2 6354s. Any chance of getting 5.5mm bullets with them?

It was not worth the additional cost. Gonna stick with the 4mm. The motors come with female bullets.

payment sent! thanks again :wink:

How much for 2 6354?

59 per?

$61 per motor, it went up $2 for silicon.

$61*2 + $6.80 shipping = $128.80

That’s not bad. Any bulk discount?

This is the bulk discount (35 motors) haha

why female?

Male connectors are soldered on the motor wires, and 3x female 4mm bullets are included in the box. So you get a set of male and female.

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I’ll take one 6354. Might double up if there’s space, but probably shouldn’t :joy:

In for 2, this is a strangly addicting hobby. I haven’t built one yet and I’m planing for 3 boards down the road


Semi-off topic. For those of you who have changed out your connectors before, do you usually remove them and resolder the new ones on, or do you snip the wire and solder on?

As a rule I would cut and make a new connection unless I was absolutely desperate for wire length.

what’s the downside of reusing the copper?


I’m gonna curb my desire … Ima gonna hold off for now bud… Thanks :facepunch:t2:

I cut mine. Usually the battery lead length is to much anyway and if I don’t cut them it looks like spaghetti.

I’m gonna hold back for this one. I wish I didnt have to though.