6354 Brushless For Single Motor Build?

Anyone have any experience with this size motor in a single drive system?

A bit worried that its smaller length will mean less magnets, less torque etc.



If you weight to 70 kgs, then single 6354 is enough for you, if you weight morego for 6374 at least :slight_smile: If you want more power to climb wteep hills and accelerate faster go for dual 6354 :slight_smile:

I personally use 6354 (sensored) and it is ok for me, i weight 71 kgs and I still havent found any hill I couldnt climb (and I live in hilly area)…there are some I had to climb in low speed though

hi im 117 kg (pretty heavy guy) but im looking for something that can handle hills with decent speed?

Dual 6374 would work. Insane torque.

Agree with @wolfgangcole, go for dual 6374

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thanks for the tip

one more quick question with the duel 6374 motors in the product description it says 12S does that mean that a 10S5P battery pack wont work for them

No. You can use a 10s pack. it meant 12s is the max.

awesome thanks

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If you still didn’t choose the motor. HobbyKing released a new monster for a great price https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/new-hobbyking-motor-6374-sensored/54792?u=rey8801

You can also think of use their vesc 4.12 and you will save a lot of money.

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Wow look amazing almost looks to good to be true lol I’ll definitely keep an eye on it thanks for letting me know

People have been using HK motors for years. They are good. If you check in the thread you will also find experiences with the VESC. Of course if you have the money I would say go for HK motors and two focbox or VESC6/Escape. You will push the hell out of them. Everything depends on which battery you are going to use it. Because the more you ask the more you have to provide. Otherwise a 4.12 VESC will do the job and you will have plenty of power.