6355 260KV on 12S vs 6S (Amps?)

I’ve got two 6355 260KV motors from Torqueboard and specs on them say 12S. At the same time I’m reading that I should use 6S with 260KV motors. I have 18650 cells and will be making my own battery pack

What are pros and cons for using 12S vs 6S on 260KV motors?

Am I going to push way more Amps if I go with 6S, i.e. more heat and issues with nickel strips/wires in the battery?

Or should I just sell 260KV and get 190KV with 12S?

The 12s spec is the max voltage it will take reliably. Its fine to run them on lower voltage you just won’t have as much wattage as there will be a limit on the max ampage as well.

Personally I like to have dule motors at 1200w each

6s at 2400w is 108 amp ish you will need a prity big cable to use that AWG8-6 ish and there hard cables to work with

The lower voltage recommendation is to limit the ERPM cap of the VESC but that is more manageable with newer VESC derivatives having much higher caps.

That’s all I can think of on the top of my head for down sides

So what would be limiting max amps? Is that what VESC would do?

VESC have a Max 4.12 is normally 50 ish 6 is normally 80ish

6355 motors 55 ish

6370 motors 65 ish

Should be listed under spec