6374 190kv sensored silicone wire | group buy |

Hello everyone. I have spoken to maytec. The manufacturers of the 6374 motors and asked about a group buy. I was planning on buying one myself and wanted to know if anyone wanted one.

SPECS 190kv 6374 Silicone wire Hall sensor 5.5mm bullet connectors (probably able to change)

Price for 10 is 100 USD each (not including shipping) if people are intersted then I will final price.

Sorry forgot to add. Their sensored 6374 are also sealed. ( to prevent dust. Dirt etc )

Are 6355s available as well?

Yes I believe so. Not sure on the price tho. Would depend on how many are bought. For 6355 I believe they also have un sensored in stock (not sealed tho) @IDVert3X

I prefer sensored motors and seal is just an added value. Im just scared a bit of overheating when its completely sealed.

Il upload some photos. I don’t believe it’s completly sealed. Theirs obviusly places for air to go in etc

This is $100 each?

Yes. I just updated it. Price will probably drop tho If people are intersted

I could be interested in 2 6355’s …

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Yeah basically, except I sell them for $79 and they will be in stock next week. But I wont post a link because it miraculously gets flagged off topic. I said in the last topic that custom manufacturing was expensive. Even $100 a piece is a total rip off.

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Was aware of that I was just collecting interstest nothing more. Price is a bit sharp I’ve realised