6374 190kv vs 6380 170kv; is it worth the upgrade?

6374 190kv vs 6380 170kv; is it worth the upgrade? I have both but not sure if it’s worth the effort to switch them out?


Lose a bit of top speed for a bit more torque. The Chrome is sexy


Is it so big deal to swap motors in your build? If no than just install them and have a look. You already have both laying around… You can always switch back…

No, they are not worth it. They are both rated to 12s and 80A. Power = voltage * current, so they are both rated to the same power. Changing the motors lowers the Kv, which increases torque at the expense of speed, but you can achieve the exact same effect by changing you gearing or wheel size.

Now, if they had taken advantage of the extra stator length to reduce the number of turns from 14 to 12, they could have made a 190 Kv, 90A, 6380 motor. Then it would have been capable of 12.5% more power than the 6374. That might have been interesting. But alas…


Thers probably a quality difference between the too as well. Good to keep in mind.

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Or go up motor pulley size for same top speed and torque and more reliability! This is why I like low kv motors.

@Jasonkimberson what size is your motor pulley now?

On the other hand more torque = better brakes which is for sure safer. More acceleration is more fun unless your a top speed :syringe: junkie.


15t/36t is my current gear rationrunninb 107s

How often to you ride at top speed/full throttle? Climb hills much?

The board is working really good right now, kind of don’t want to mess with it unless it’s worth it. The chorme is pretty sexy though. To get these motors to work, I would have to make cable extensions and move the motor mounts 5mm out.

Save the other motors for your next build.


Awd… you know you want too

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If your board is humming right now, I would leave it as is. If it has to go on the bench for something else, try the motors. Like @thiswasandy said, save these beauties for the next build!


This :arrow_up:


Are the TorqueBoards Motors Waterproof?

I doubt it since they are not sealed

I don’t know if anyone has noticed this but the 6380 has lower rated Max. Torque than the 6374.

A better “Torqueboards” motor produces less Torque…!?


5nm implies ~100a motor current while 8nm implies ~160a motor current…

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:thinking: how that get along with the rated max motor amps in the specs :thinking:

if it is actually based on anything it could be the amount of current that magnetically saturates the stator… the point at which torque no longer increases linearly with motor current… the max amps could be the amount of current that won’t overheat the motor… or it could be marketing.

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@professor_shartsis Thank you for your explanation but for complete satisfaction I would like to have a look at a side-by-side comparison of these two if there’s any…