6374 Motor replace bearing

Does anyone know how to and what bearing I need to use? I have a defective Torqueboard motor.

If I’m not mistaken they are 8165mm nsk bearings.


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They do indeed look like them, if its them i might order one and take it to a shop to try to get it pressed out and the new one in.

But have no idea how to since the pcb is stuck on the bearing plate.-

Get yourself one of these to get the front side(side the shaft sticks out) first. Work the bearing out. Then press the back one out through the stator

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What is that thing called? I tried pressing mine out with a round object imo it seemed like it was totally stuck in there and needed a press.

They’re called through bearing pullers. They’re designed to be rocked and the rocking motion works the bearing outward.

You can put a smaller than 8mm shaft into the other side and tap lightly in a circle with a mallet while the stator is held if a vice as well… If you can’t source the tool