6374 single drive kit and 5065 single drive kit for sell

Hey, so IMO these are not premium parts. It’s $95 for a motor, 2 trucks, 4 wheels, mount, pulleys, belt. You cannot expect that motor to be the same as a $120 motor (or even close).

“Normal” parts would cost, roughly: motor 120 trucks 35 wheels 25 mount 50 pulleys 30 belt 6 total 266, shipping not included

The 5065 likely has even smaller guts.

IMO if it runs okay and doesn’t let out magic smoke, you got what you paid for.

I’m not sure what’s going on about the 170kv motor, but I don’t think it’s relevant to the issue at hand.

If the motor’s OD was 50mm and total length was way less than 74mm (as I initially mistook you as saying), I’d be with you.

I just measured a builtkitboards 6374. It’s 63mm outer diameter, and length of the entire motor (not just the bell) is 74mm.

Have you ridden this thing?

I think there’s a role for vendors selling cheaper stuff, as long as it’s not garbage, which is what i hope dickyho and diyeboards is doing. But there’s going to be a significant gap between this stuff and the “good” stuff. You get what you pay for.

Yeah, I know it’s not going to be premium stuff, that was a given. I bought it half to see how the budget basement performs. With that said, a half size stator seems pretty egregious to me…it’s just not the motor that’s advertised. I’ve ridden it now, and it’s…well, incredibly weak, and the setup I’m on has been tested as fine with other motors. Should be good for 20 amps continuous @ 36v, so around 1hp, which any (even a crappy) 6374 should be more than able to handle, but this is apparently the bottleneck.

Thanks for the input, appreciate it

Well, maybe you took one for science? Thanks for reporting the findings.

Maybe disassemble and take proper measurements and photos, record some numbers in ackmaniac’s app, and it helps someone down the line?

Is there a huge air gap between the stator and the magnets?

If you gripe to @dickyho enough maybe he’ll hook you a bit. :wink:

Science! That’s why I continued the thread :slight_smile:

I’m having issues dissassembling anything, everything is glued together. The drive wheel is definitely glued on, there’s no snap screws anywhere (I have more crappy pictures if anyone wants to argue that point), the motor mount is glued to the truck, etc. I guess this could work for someone with really low expectations who’s not trying to customize anything, but if anyone was thinking of buying this for parts, or for doing something simple like reversing the direction of the motor on the truck so it’s out back instead of under the board, well…it’s going to be a pain in the ass.

Also no, no huge gap between the stator and magents. That looks fairly tight

my friend, a 6374 motor means the motor’s outer diameter is 63mm, and it lenght close to 74mm. for the inside,they have have many differ designs. some make the wire thin, some make the core small to make it less hot…, but a 6374 motor is 6374 motor. this was one of the most popular 6374 motor, many people had use it here.

besides,before ship I already suggest you buy my another motor . and after the got the parcel, and not satisfy with the motor, I also offer to change motor for you. just you don’t agree.

and you claim the mount is glued on. but this mount have to use screws to install. most people like to glue the theard after install to prevent things got loose. and glue the gap to prevent water other dirty get inside corrupting metal.

this motor is good. just go ahead with it.

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