6384 motor on street build


Is someone running a bigger motor than a 6374 on a street build? My issue is my maytech motor is making some grinding noises and I will propably go to change it. My Set-Up is: 10s4p30qcells/bestech60A/focbox

A sealed so waterproof and fast shipping in Europe would be nice


A few people use them. Only place that I know where you can get them is from APS, but they are out of stock for some weeks. They are not sealed though.

APS 6384 isn’t sealed.

I am running dual 6384 4kW 170kv :slight_smile: I dont think u would like to run that on urethane wheels… You will not be able to move out of place without spinning wheels or board will fly out of your feets :slight_smile:


Inwanted to go for a single motor set-up!

My thoughts is that its too much torque for urethane wheels

The tester in me thinks this sounds incredibly fun thing to try lol

Edit: I think I know what to do with those old clone wheels now

First months on my board I always had knee pains because of starting torque…

The tester in me says it’s all a matter of reduction…

Car based ESCs are gonna be like this…

Vesc are soft start. I can make wheels spin with higher reduction. Lower reduction puts it to the ground and wastes some as heat…

Singles are gonna spin out…just how it is… Duals put power to the ground.

I have no doubt going back to 2.8:1 on my Evo with kugils drive and my weight I will see wheelspin again. On 2.4:1 I see none. Just sticks and gets.


My maytech 6374 has some torque yes but I really still can go fullpower during acceleration and never had wheel spin

Main reason why I would like to try is because of better braking ability and because it does not add that muxh mkre weight for the amount of power it might add!

So nobody has done it one a street board?

Dual 6374 is better than single 6384… would love to see you go full throttle on my dual 6374 board… anything over half throttle your pushing the boundries of eating tarmac… lol

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And going dual 6374!will be way more expensive and heavy than a single 6384 as I would need to buy a second focbox and teo new motors!

Just bump up your motor max to 80a and batt max to 45a…

Is it safe to run 80A on a focbox and 60A bestech bms? My current setting is:

Motor max 60A Motor min -45A Battery max 40A Battery min -12A

Keep all your settings the same… just bump your motor max to 70a go for a ride and see hw you go… if its not getting too hot then bump it up to 80a… if you have the 170kv sealed 6374 there rated upto 80amps…

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If you want higher braking… bump your motor min back to -60a…

So my motor just brime due to too much riding and a broken magnet

Now for science who has tried a 6384 motor on a street build? What could be the issues I could get? I don’t really see the inconvenience of a stronger motor if it is too strong just limit the motor amps no?

Is there only the APS 6384 available? (It is on back order since forever)


sorry to hijack but what settings are you using on your dual 6374s Mines quick but i,m full throttle everywhere and if by your user name my assumption that you’re a kiwi is correct then you are a crazy man so obviously your board is a damn sight faster than mine. What is your secret?

Hi dareno no I had a single 6374 where the motor broke yesterday and I am no kiwi…

But the settings you can bump them up to 60 battery amps per Focbox (some even do make it higher as the focbox can handle 120A in peaks) and 80A max Motor depending on the motor you use

@Pingo03 sorry man i should have tagged Esk8.nz in that reply, thats why I was apologising for the hijack
Just go dual 6374 and you will have more than enough torque and speed. Mine rips me up hills and tops out at 54kmh and I weigh 110kg I know that its capable of more though and Its all about more. Thanks man i’ll start messing with the tool and see where it takes me…probably the ER