6S battery for Chinese electric longboard clone

Hi All,

My until now very reliable 2016 Chinese electric longboard (https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/lecdec-prebuilt-36-deck-magaluma-7-trucks-unknown-2xx-kv-1200-w-motor-single-drive-mount-6s-8ah-177wh-li-ion-battery-fvt-brave-wolf-120a-esc/5046/38) needs a new battery. In the good days it could do more than 17 km in one charge but now no more than 2 km.

I barely had rided with it this year, about 2 times and in 2017 more or less the same. Maybe the battery didn’t liked to be used so little and now it’s not useful anymore.

So I need to source a 6S LiFePO4 battery with more or less 8AH of capacity, preferable available in Europe because of the taxes. I still have to check the exact measures of the battery that I currently have.

Can someone point me where I can find a battery like this? Thank you.

Regards, Luis Sismeiro

Lecdec reliable? They were taking illegally to Europe a number of rebranded boards and some stary. They closed the web page as soon as boards started failing. No battery can be left on the shelf for a long time anyway. They die quick and even quicker if they are fully charged. Lifepo4 batteries are longlasting. I guess your pack was really low quality. I have seen some european members welding packs. Also you can check some stores for prebuilt packs. They are mostly li ion though.

Thank you for your answer. I never had problems with LecDec company itself. Until they closed doors and vanished they had answered to my questions about support and provided some informations.

Now my problem is that the longboard it’s still good enough for me but without a reliable battery it’s done… I need to find some solution that is not too expensive, someone to customize a battery for me ou some battery that I can open and modify to put under my longboard…

I’m very open to suggestions on how to solve my battery problem. Thank you.

Where u at mate?

Hi there, I’m in Portugal. A little country in far west point of Europe. :slight_smile:

I know where Portugal is. I live in Galicia. What are the specs of your battery? Dimensions, cells etc…

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The current battery is a 6S LiFePO4 with about 8H and the BMS is external to the pack. I still have to open the longboard, measure the dimensions of the battery pack and check the number of cells.

I think that the BMS I have cannot be used with LiPo batteries because of the nominal cell voltage and probably I will need to install a new one in the longboard and even get a new charger for it.

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Yes that bms will work only with lifepo4. Are the cells 18650? 26650? Prismatic? The dimensions will give you the clue. Your nick looked like portuguese to me. That’s why i am here. Shippings would be very cheap if i weld you a pack. Nevertheless i usually do not accept orders. I have a full time job. @darkkevind and @Acido are making packs for members. Maybe some others too i apologize if i forgot anyone. Also some web stores have packs ready for sale. Eskating.eu pwrboards.com electricboardsolutions.com unikboards.com etc… I am sure you will find a solution for your dead battery.

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My nick is my surname to be easy to be known. It’s not a common surname in Portugal so I use it often instead of a more generic or stranger nick. Thank you for noticing. :slight_smile:

I suppose making a battery pack is not that difficult, you just need the materials, tools and a lot of time to do them. Either way you have been very helpful and gave some good hints for me to proceed and find a new battery for my longboard. I will find a new battery like you said, just need to investigate and make some questions around the Internet.

I always thought that my Chinese clone longboard would be easy to upgrade or make modifications in the future like installing a VESC. I never thought the battery would be the first component needed to be upgrade, I was expecting some other components to fail first. go figure… :slight_smile:

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So I finally opened the electric longboard to check the battery size and condition. The size is 370 x 140 x 10 millimetres and from the voltage reading it’s not a LiFePO4 but a standard LiPo. What should I be expecting from a Chinese clone longboard…


One of the cells is swollen so I shouldn’t expect much from it. All cells were about 3.8 V but except one which had 4.2 V. I put the battery discharging on the external charger that I have from my quadcopter days and I will do some cycles of balanced charging to see what will happen.


It seems that I may have to get a battery made of LiPo cells so it can still fit in the available space or buy a Ikea tray and swap my battery/BMS/ESC/receiver for it. :slight_smile:

Is it a back fire v1 single drive?

Yep, it’s one of those rebranded has LecDec. The “famous” electric longboard clone that was rebranded many times. :slight_smile:

I had one of those and ended up swapping the esc and battery pack. Where are you from I could send you my old one if its not too expensive

Hi there, I’m in Portugal. I start by thanking your for having the time to answer and provide assistance.

When you said that you exchanged the battery pack, were did you bought it from? Although I think at this time no one has this packs to sell.

I still trying to figure out my options. Currently I’m using an external balance charger to discharge and charge the battery pack again. I will do this a few times and see what happens but since one cell is swollen I don’t think it will recover.

I changed the esc to a vesc 4.12, I removed the BMS and used 8s Li-Po instead… a lot of mods…

Concerning your battery i wouldnt use it anymore, swollen batteries are a fire hazard.

For direct replacement look on alibaba or aliexpress for maytech batteries of that format. Or simply go with a 18650 pack and a new bms and enclosure

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Can you share photos of your mods? I’m in search for inspiration but that mods are things that I think I could do.

Do you think it was worth it to spent money in the Backfire your it would have been better to buy a new one with other specs?

8S isn’t too much for the motor?

The motor was running really hot, and money wise you are almost better off to build from the ground up a new board. I spent the price of the board in parts to make it a little faster but less reliable so if i were to do it again I would just change the battery while building another board on the side. In the end a diy board does cost a bit more but you get more performance. For the price of the mods i did you could probably get a winboard panther that would be brand new and worry free.

TLDR: Either build a complete diy or get a new board (winboard panther) those 2 options will, in the long run cost you less

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