6s bms 30a or more

I was wondering if anyone has a 6s bms they are willng to sell

Did you end up getting this one? http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/6s-45a-bms-brand-new/6833

no he never replied

Why do you need a 30 amp limit? You can bypass it by connecting your ESC straight to the battery.

well i actually need like 45a but im kinda desperate rn

The cheap Chinese BMS’ can have the limit increased by soldering (and thus decreasing the resistance) of the shunt. You’ll need an accurate ohm-meter to verify the current limit through.

risky ig ill just have to get a 10s bms

hello i can provide a 10S 36v 30Ah from batterysupports.com it is brand new have not use it.

how much??