6s bms choise help

Ok some in now looking for a bms to put along side my pack to allow for easier chargeing.


That’s the bms and would bypass it for discharging but just want to double check its suitable for lipo charging with the right amp and current.

Or this one

the first one is not suitable for lipos!

second one looks good for charging. but its not suitable for discharging (40amp max discharge current is to low for our 6s currentmonsters)! as you said you only use it for charging you won´t have problems.

Yea wouldn’t use for discharge just as long as it will charge them fine I done mind. Is there any other cheap bms that could be recommended for 6s

Is there any others people could recommend cheap just do charging

I have a battery supports 6s 45A BMS for sale for $45

i tried to buy that and u never replied


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