6s BMS wanted in the US

Trying to hunt down a 6s BMS if anyone in the US has one. Charge only or discharge, either way. Thanks!



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what bms do you have?

I only have one I can part with though… It’s just for charge only and tiny.

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Is it reliable? where did you buy it? if Sender isn’t interested how much is it shipped to Ireland?

eBay, and yea it works as it should. Balances like it should. I used one for a big ass boombox battery I built for a friend

whats the high voltage and low voltage. could you send me a link to it?

it has a 4.28v over charge that isnt good right?

Under normal conditions, it starts balancing any cell above 4.18 and pulling it down pushing to the other cells, so as long as your charger isn’t giving more volts then it should, it should be fine.

I have a 25.2v power supply

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Thank you @Deckoz ! @treenutter @anorak234 @Namasaki this thread can close up.

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