6s lipo bms wiring? HELP!

I have recently brought a 6s lipo BMS board off eBay however it on has 5 ports to plug the balance bit into and my battery has 7 this is because two connection are positive and negative however i wanted to know where you solder them connecttions to as on the picture i was looking at it is not very clear at all?

Normally you have a balance plug which you can connect to the bms. the balance plug with the balance wires can be seen on the left in white:

This is the same as mine and same diagram so should i connect the red and black of the balance plug to b+ and b- and also connect main positive and negative to b+ and b-

Or get rid of the red and black and just use the main power leads depends on how you want to bypass the bms for discharge

You can just cut off the positive and negative wires from the balance plug. You will then use the thick wires as positive and negative. I hope that helps

Well my positive and negative main leads the output will be connected to charger and ESC here is the tutorial i was following http://www.instructables.com/id/Fast-Electric-Skateboard-LiPo-Charging-System-BMS-/