6s lipo with 5s lipo in series


I’ve been hitting the roads with my skate for over 100miles now, until, suddenly one cell of my 6s lipo got really unbalanced and the next day it sank to 2.1V… I guess this cell is dead.

Can I now still but them in series, if I do surgery with my battery and take the dead cell out? Both batteries are the same, but now, one has 5s the other 6s.

Is there any problems with that?



Although I haven’t made a skateboard myself, from my electrical knowledge that should be fine. Idk if it’s easy to get that dead cell out though.

That will be fine. Running in series it will make no difference, what you can’t do is run/charge them parallel as they’ll now have different voltages. The only problem you may have is with the balance plug which may need re wiring depending on which cell is dead.

thank you, thats what I tought. Luckily, the first cell is dead.

It absolutely works, but be careful, cause if one cell died, the others probably suffered excessive strain too, so I would keep an eye open the first rides, maybe the 5s cells lost a little capacity.