6s Lipo with Hub Motors

Hi Guys, I and a lot of people on this Forum uses 6s lipo batteries, I think because it is easier to find a charger for it, maybe. But that is not the point, the point is, I want (and I’m sure that a lot of guys too) to use Hub Motors in the future, but they have Extreme low kv, like 70kv or less, and it is so low for 6s lipo batteries, what sould I do about that? Use the Hub motor (I want to use @Hummie and @devin one) with the 6s lipo and maybe they will be too hot, or forget about it.

About buy another 6s lipo, I would need to buy at Alien, because I bought a 6300mah battery that I can’t find anywhere, and would need to pay 40 pounds just for one battery delivery, it is freaking expensive.

I could use chineses one that have high kv, but they have small magnets and Everybody says to avoid small magnets.Maybe I should buy @torqueboards 130kv hub motor, but I really don’t know if it will have power enough to go where I want, my city don’t have any hill, but there are some inclinations one the road. What sould I do?

the 6s wont make the motor hotter even if you’re putting out the same power as if on 12s. it’s all amps to the motor and no cooler power with higher voltage in the motor. you can get the same power out of the motor at 6s but you’ll need more amps to do it, more draw on the battery, and hotter esc. you wont have the speed though.
what about hobbyking? they’re pretty cheap.

But they have a lot of arriving policy, I’ll try

Bottom Line (IMO): Don’t used Lipos. For safety reasons and longevity of the battery itself, get a lithium ion or LiFePO4 battery. If you are bent on 6s that’ll still work with Li-ion. My recommendation is always @barajabali, he makes most reliable batteries I’ve found yet

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6S super sucked with my 3000w hub motor. I got a 10S2p and got happy. Go buy a hoverboard battery, brand new with Samsung batteries for $60 -80 dollars. It will be a little taller than you want, but cut the tape, and take the top four batteries and put them over to the side, and tape it back up.