6S or 8S? (18650) + cheap BMS?

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Hey guys,

I´ve already built my DIY board with two 3S Lipo´s in series (6S). Now I´m updating my board and I want to buy 18650 cells (Samsung 30q).

I have 3 questions:

• Is it better to build a 8S battery? Will I go faster than with my original 6S battery?

• Does someone knows a good/cheap 8S BMS? (If I should go for 8S)

• In another topic I read, that the Samsung 30q have 15A of discharge. Everyone said, that the 30q are better than the 25R. The 25R have 20A of discharge. Why are the 30q better and is it good when I go 3P with the 30q?

Thanks so much for your replies :slight_smile:

8s will alway a higher erpm and a larger number of watt hours (for battery life)meaning that you will get a higher top speed

For the bms it depends if it isn’t for charge and discharge or charge only

The 30q has a larger capacity and a better batter life then the 25r so for all around it is better then it

As for 3p I don’t know I found here will be a bad voltage sag or not

Thank you for your reply :slight_smile: The BMS would be just for charge

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Then you can get a cheap charge only bms which you should just search for on eBay/AliExpress

If you want a more reliable one then bestech may have(not sure though)