6s4p vs 8s3p battery pack

ive got my build running great for the past 2 years. it contains enertion 6355 190kv motor, vesc, 83mm wheels and a 6s4p li-ion 8c battery pack. im riding mostly flat grounds, my weight is about 170 lbs, and i get 25 km/h speed and never found a hill i can’t climb. i was wondering if i should change my battery pack scheme to 8s3p, so that ill get higher rpm value.

add a few more batteries and go 10s since you are dissembling it anyways the more torque the batter

So the change to 8s is obvious i guess? What change of performance should i expect?

You will notice an increase of speed up to around 30-33km/h. You might also notice more torque.

And what about battery life? Does it mean the range will shorten?

It should theoretically stay similar but in the real world you will get slightly less due to wanting to go faster with the new setup, which in turn drains more power