6x2 Airless All-terrain tires $1(?)

Found the factory for those airless 6x2 all-terrain tires DIYeboards has been hawking for $88.

I don’t see them in the right size on this site but if anyone’s feeling enterprising it’d be interesting to see how cheap we could get them. Cheap flatless tires that would fit on these hubs, anyone?

They are close, but the tread and hole pattern is pretty dissimilar. If available in the right size it might work, but it’s not the same wheel.

Likely they have the proper size. Just send them a message and ask if they carry that SKU.

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I do see differences in tread, but I think the differences in circles are mainly just angle/smaller wheel. Either way I’m still willing to bet they come from the same place.

I’ve sent off an email, I’ll update the thread when/if they get back to me.

@mmaner, did you ever try those airless tires on 6x2 hubs? I can’t remember if I read about that or not. I’d think they’d fit standard 6x2 hubs like psycotiller’s sixshooters, but I might be wrong on that point

Says pvc…diy’s are urethane. And I modified the latest run of my hubs, They fit perfectly now.


Are you planning on trying a groupbuy? Cause depending on what price you get I’d be up for it, especially if I can adapt them to trampa axles.

Have you guys ridden on them yet?

bahahahhaha that’s priceless, well actually they are different but it shows the markup esk8 attracts, I actually don’t care how shit they are I’ll take a couple of sets if someone can be bothered to GB

@psychotiller there’s a polyurethane also. They have the moulds so probably can do them with many different materials. Maybe this can fit your six shooters?

I told you they buy 'em in for next to nothing!


Someone has to pay for the noodles


I’m running 2 sets of 6 shooters (6x2 aluminum hubs) with the 6in airless wheels, i’ve been running them for weeks now with no issues.


@diyeboard any super discounts coming soon on the cheesewheels?

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it’s now 88usd free shipping. http://www.diyeboard.com/6-15050mm-70a-airless-allterrain-offroad-skateboard-wheels-p-568.html

Nice find @aponty, also like the blue ones @LukePL posted, the 8x2 would be nice for me. But I’m afraid this is 2 good 2 be true. I think the rolling resistance will be extremely high, especially with foam inside which makes it soft.

I only have experience with 5" solid rubber wheels with foam. I tested it without motors and the first time I pushed the board I almost fell forward because of the monster rolling resistance. Then I went up a hill and I had to push downward because they act like brakes, I felt like an idiot, so embarrassing :laughing:


Hey all, they got back to me- apparently the tire in the link I attached is actually made out of TPU, not PVC as it says in the title, and they don’t have a mold for 6x2, but could put one together easily. So it looks like it’s not the same factory after all.

Long story short, if we want to do a groupbuy for 500 (125 sets, that’s a fair few) we could get them for $3.10/wheel, or $12.40 a set.

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Fitting them to trampa axels will be a matter of the hubs you put them on, basically. I think you could do it by just finding the right bearing, which I’m sure is out there somewhere, but might take some looking.

Personally I’m more interested in finding a way to 3d print some TPU tires for 6x2 hubs, which I think is definitely possible. But if anyone’s interested in a group buy I’d lend a hand, though I’m not exactly an expert on these things

Additional info about them is hardness range they can offer is from 65 to 90. If we could make it happen I’m in for at least 3 sets. How about size? Maybe 5 inch? :smiley:

I’d be down for a few sets.