75 kv Tb hubs and matching wheels/trucks $250 (SOLD)

good condition no external damage and work great come with front trucks and wheels. I need them Gone ASAP so just pm me a reasonable price I’m located in cali

Which kv are they?

75kv sorry bout that

Np just helping you out

@willpark16 these hubs are awesome and very torquey and fast. My brother has them running 12s foc on his freeflow and that board is scary fast. New they were $380 + shipping from Torqueboards but theyre lightly used according to you so I think anywhere up to $250 would be fair.

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Thanks man!

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will, are you still looking to get rid of the hubs? i can probably come pick them up.

how’s are you healing from your accident by the way? hope you’re doing well.


I sold them off just forgot to update, very bad actually currently I’m declining in progress but I’m still alive and kicking I’m just trying to get previous customers they’re products before I take my break