7s2p w/ TB VESC?

As is my personal tradition, every 6 months or so I get interested in building an ESK8 again, each time with more knowledge than the last, hoping that one day I’ll pull the trigger and find a price point that I can afford while still having good performance.

My question for you today is will a 7s2p battery work well with a TB VESC and a single belt drive. I’d love to get a li-ion battery because I don’t want to deal with lipo’s. But I have a 500$ budget and a 10s2p battery taking up half of that isn’t ideal, would I run fine with a 7s2p battery?

7s3p would be a better choice as you can push a little more current out of it. what cells are you considering to use?

I don’t have a spot welder, so I’d be using this battery that I have no idea what cells it uses, I haven’t found any esk8 part sellers that have 7s3p packs

I know diyboards had a 7s pack. But thier products are hit or miss. Mostly miss…

@RotiiK I would steer clear of Mboards…he is not the person you want to be buying expensive parts from

what other place has good batteries that I can get? I may be able to squeeze something a little better than 7s2p after all, if something fits in my price

Honestly bro, anything less than 10s will feel weak. I would just go with lipos, it’s super easy to hook up a bms for ease of charging


would this pack (with their BMS) be adequate and work with the TB VESC?

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Yeah that would be pretty good