$8 battery esc enclosure

$8 enclosure modified from amazon. Search “terra box window tray”. Let me know what you guys think.


Good find! How is the flex? Does it conform to curves well?

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You can tell my board has a little bit of bacon curve for the feet. It has a little bit of “conforming” action and the box tray itself is pretty flexible, but definitely not as much as those crazy compartmented encloses similar to kaly nyc builds. But for $8 this thing rocks for normal street riding. I have been testing this for 3 weeks now and is doing great!

Here’s some more sources if your interested…


What size is the battery?

The dual motors, are they 6374?

Do you get better range than regular evolve?

I have 10s 500 mah lipo underneath. The motors are 6364 213kv from hobbyking. I have never had the stock evolve motors, I only purchased their a/t setup. Technically though these should have less range since they are larger than what evolve boards come with.


Speaking of, how are you liking the conversion?

It is doing great thanks for asking. I ride at least twice a week. Purchased lights and love to ride at night. Everything holding up so far. The a/t tires soak up the road segment bumps very nicely. I even go across some pavers on my journey. Urethane wheels would hurt my feet especially when going over 15mph. This was the ultimate solution for me. Oh, and the higher ground clearance allows me to go over the street curbs connecting my driveway to the street.

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This post is more than welcome. Your build looks great. The way you hijacked another thread was not cool. Respect others and you will be respected. Keep up the good work.

I had no idea I was hijacking. I assumed by the title and other posts that everyone was just showing off their enclosure. Figured I would pitch in to the community.

Don’t worry. Things like that happen everyday. :wink:

Can anybody help me with battery and esc or vesc ? i dont know how to start conversation.

Sure Ill help. Whatcha got

What is best lipo battery for SK3 - 6374-192KV and good esc ?

I see you understand It now. I must apologize too. I was too straight on you. Let’s shake hands and be friends again. Your build is very nice. I love It.

You most likely do not want to go less than 10s. At least if you think your going to enjoy riding. Go for around 5000mah or higher if you want more distance. Go for 25c or higher discharge. I use 2 of these in series.

As far as vesc goes, get the 6 series if you have the funds. 4series if you want to go cheaper, and finally eBay has an esc substitute that works very well, but does lack higher end performance.i had one on a 6364 motor and I got 17mph. Currently for sale if you want to save $$$. It comes with controller too so it again saves money.