8 Pin Connector Needed

I need to extend my bestech bms balance wires and need a male and female connector, can not find them anywhere locally and don’t have the time to wait it from China, if anyone has them or knows someone who help me out, this is the only thing stopping me from riding and its really hard to wait!!!

Did you tried amazon? They have a lot of china stuff also :wink:

(DB9)Vga cable+ ports

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Im in croatia so amazon it de or uk want like 15 euro for everything to ship here

Can you explain more, i have 6pin connectors those for a bluetooth module could i somehow convert those? I dont want to solder on bms pins

if you have a month or two, aliexpress has free shipping

I get stuff from china in a week or two, but would prefer if someone from eu can just post it so i receive in in a few days

What do you mean you need it extended, internally or externally?

Id like just to extend them plug them in the bms cut them half way and solder…

just found a solution…great

Lol good, cause I’m still not sure what you needed :yum:

Regular 8 pin jst cable plug one end in the bms and other side to the balance leads coming from batteries

Also still need it id prefeer just plug and play than solder and play im tired of it