8 pin JST EH for D140 BMS


I broke mine :joy: is there anyone in the UK that had this? Or has the tools to make it?

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[Same day shipping from amazon](IWISS XH2.54/3.96,PH2.0,PX,JST,Molex,Dupont Terminal Crimping Tool SN-01BM Rachet Crimper AWG28-20 (0.08-0.5mm ²) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B019ARWWFY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_EfE6CbYKKX9EA)


Nah that’s his bit dangling :joy:

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Yeah that’s an option I didn’t really consider because I’ve heard people say bad things about those cheapo crimpers

I’ll watch a yt video on how to crimp and see for myself

Crimping is ok if you make sure the crimp is absolutely secure. Once its all crimped up then a dab of superglue/cya will permanize it. I just made that word up btw @AlanZhou thanks for making it weird little man.


Cant find the bloody connector

You can find connector here https://octopart.com/ehr-8-jst-279134

Thank you but would prefer if wires were already crimped to it

Let me check this evening. It think I have such a connectors with wires laying around.

Or I can crimp some wires and ship those to you.

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Thanks just what I needed :joy:

Also make sure if it’s the right connector I’m only like 80% sure that it’s the right one.

If connector still good you can buy from amazon other smaller pin count connector and just remove pins from housing and reuse them in ur old connector

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Yeah I will try and find it. Haven’t thrown it away but I was about to yesterday