800 usd build. dual or single? what parts?

I am kind of new to DIY but am an experienced free-ride and downhill longboard-er. I am also a park skater.I was going to buy Ownoard w2 or Meepo NLS pro but considering DIY. Live in Sydney, Australia so shipping may be expensive but what would you recommend for 800-850 USD? (have some Gullwing Super Pros, heaps of other trucks, decks that i like, wheels (I am not sure if they are compatible)). Anything is appreciated!

Build a mono drive and upgrade to dual later. Better than building a weaker dual and upgrading complete drive kit after.


ok, what parts do you recomend?

High-quality ones Don’t go too cheap and do some research on each part you intend on getting.

If you look up a few builds you can get a very good idea of what kind of board you want.

builds category

Now there are certain skills that if you have you can make your esk8 cheaper, main one is making your own battery pack Would that be something you’re interested in?

probably not tbh, scared to f it up, im 15.

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was looking at a pro 1 tb kit with upgraded motor and battery. (then i can upgrade to dual later)

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eh sounds interesting gtg, might get wifi on the bus.

ok then. see what you think.

Back, Well buddy let me tell you a story when I was a newbie I went to TB’s website and I kept fishing for info on how to make an esk8 using there live help feature.

I was like what does 10s4p mean , what cells are you using in them, how much range, etc, etc :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

So you see what you pay for right.

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If you want stuff like cheap speed controllers, motors, trucks, drive kits, wheels, and enclosures then look for parts by eboardsshop on eBay, then look for dickyho on the forum (same person) to skip the fees

You should be able to make a boosted clone without battery for $400ish…you can get batteries from forum members if you know what you want, don’t cheap to hard on batteries


I don’t really think building a battery is a good idea for anyone without the necessary skills - which are harder to come by.

That being said I have been running lipo batteries with BMS units perfectly fine on 4 boards now without any issues - those are a cheaper route for sure. My batteries in my board cost only like 130 and I get 13-16 miles out of them. They’ve been through probably 120 charge cycles at least now and about 500 miles and they are still kicking.

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I also started on lipos but now I’m moving onto 18650s.

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Yeah I am considering it too, but with 12s, it will probably set me back 300-400 including a spot welder and nickel and all that haha

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i will try that. i am wating to see what build kit boards kits will look like

ye… im 15 so its all kind of hard. on a budget of about 850 usd so its complex.

idrk how to do any of this ahahah

boosted clone? ye maybe. would it be complex?

Nah, if you buy the right parts it’s just a few wires and bolts before you’re on the road

Parts you’ll need (you can change it to be what ever you want, it can be better or it can be cheaper), this is about $700 all totaled:

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thanks so so much! will look into this!

is this dual or single drive?