83mm clones vs Flywheels

Quick question! i have my board set up with 83mm clones right now and am considering maybe getting some flywheels for the holidays. I assuming i stick with the 83mm size, are the flywheels all that much better for $70? If i do move up to a larger size, where can i get a larger wheel pulley on the cheap? (don’t have easy access to a 3d printer)

It’s a very large difference in ride and feel

Authentic Flywheels feels great and have better grip when turning/carving.

What do you mean larger wheel pulley? Your current ones should fit if you are using clones. The core is generally still the same size despite wheel size increase The thane is what increases

Flywheels are worth their weight in gold. The formula really is that much better than a clone. If you don’t want to spend too much on your wheels SPECIFICALLY because you want to invest in better components elsewhere (VESC, motors, mounts, enclosures, batteries) that is acceptable. You can always buy better wheels and swap them out easily. " In that case, might as well get 97mm clone wheels, since they cost roughly the same as 83mm clones. With clones, your best bet is buying the bigger wheel to maximize the plushness of the hard ass formula.

If you get authentic flywheels, you’ll never go back to clones. They’re so good. Go for the 90mm though, much better over bumps and cracks.

Like with more teeth, to maintain the same the same ratios

No idea where to buy pulleys theses days. Where are you located? is https://www.3dhubs.com/ available? you submit a 3D STL file and someone locally can print it for you

Files can be found here:

I take that back. Looks like @longhairedboy has a bunch of offereings https://www.shapeways.com/shops/long-haired-boy-fine-electric-skateboards