85mm Orangatang Caguama Blue Longboard Skateboard Wheel With Bearings

This is a Set of Brand new never used Orangatang Caguama blue wheels with bearings. I got this about 2 weeks ago and was really looking to start using it but I need to pay rent payments. Kept for only two weeks since recent purchase in a smoke free home and adult owned. Please message me with any questions about the item. This item can be shipped out next day and is 100% as advertised in working order. Thanks for looking and god bless! :slight_smile:17%20PM 22%20PM 26%20PM

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I’m glad the wheels are smoke free and adult owned :crazy_face:


It lets you know that it had a good life raised by a wonderful family


Yeah I would NEVER want a piece of metal and rubber to be in a smoke filled home or owned by children


Personally I think it’s a nice touch from the seller. It’s kind of icky when I purchase things that arrive at my doorstep smelling like stale cigarettes

Then again I would giggle if it smells like pot smoke… Double standards I guess? 🤷


Looks like I may may have been ghosted by @Rdz990, paid for these wheels 24 days ago, been pm’ing them directly and through Venmo and no response for 21 days so far.

I knew I was taking a risk as they hadn’t posted for 2 years, if anyone has any info on Rdz990 please send me a PM :slight_smile:


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Thats your first mistake :<

Paypal Goods & Services for any and every transaction here

Maybe you can dig a little up from his Venmo name?


yep, lesson learned!


That sucks @iespoba, hopefully he is in a coma or something.

3 weeks ago he apologized for the delay and said he’s really busy so maybe that is the case, haven’t had any responses since, i do like to hope for the best in us humans, we’ll see

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are they Sold?


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What happened here, did he blow smoke up yer ass?

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