8mm Wheel spacers

Thought I was being clever buying 8mm ID tube stock for wheels, cut what you need when you need…but of course I neglected to think about clearance, if you go this way you need to ream the tube

Question: does the tolerance matter much? I used a 8mm bit which scoured enough meat

It would be much easier to buy them already machined from Aluminumspacers.com http://www.aluminumspacers.com/spacers-by-hole-size/hole-for-5-16-inch-bolts/as50-16-405

I use the 8.1mm id with 1/2" od for a very strong and stable spacer.

I like that 100 spacers for a few bucks certainly would make it not worth the while other than for the kick but the shipping to Europe probably kills it, the wall on these tubes is about 3mm as well, I have 4 tubes each 300mm long, lifetimes supply.

spacers from a skate shop are about €2 for only 4 of them unless they come with trucks or bearings