8s 4p battery diagram

Was wondering what an 8s4p diagram would look like i starated with 8 packs of 4 parallel but i believe im doing this wrong so perhaps someone can help me. Im tring to use 18650 battery sleds and change out the wires with 10 gauge.

these are what the sleds look like, so this would be 1s2p correct?

Those are meant for charging 18650’s in parallel so yes 1s2p technically. They aren’t, however, made for discharging so I’m not sure the contacts will stand up or be able to deliver in terms of high amp discharge; the wires definitely aren’t.

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Don’t bother with the sleds. The contact points on them literally melt at the high current. Better off making the pack by soldering or spot welding.

Also, the sleds would make your pack huge.

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Thanks u guys saved me some money then!

Can someone show me how to wire the pack.

Look around this forum. Plenty of information

No diagrams whatsoever trust me I think I spend more time on this forum than anyone

Nope, there are multiple diagrams.

Thats just one of the threads

first the one he linked will melt but not keystone 228/209 secont point also is not true, the sleds may increase overall size by 1-2cm in all directions.

So it was just the contacts that I was using? U used keystone in urs?

There are diagrams just not of how to wire an 8s 4p pack

I’m sorry, but if you are unable to see how to wire up the pack then you will definitely need to do some research and gain some confidence before doing so.

It is 8 sets of 4 parallel cells, wired in series.

It will be more than that. If he were to change all the wiring, it would be a ton of cables and would be quite large compared to doing it with hot glue and a spot welder. Probably around 30% larger.

I think I might be saying this wrong then but I understand the science behind how u do it I just want to know if anyone can make a diagram or show me one before I solder my wires. However from what I’ve been saying I’m going to assume u don’t know how to so in which case I’ll wait till someone else comes who knows how to do this

Haha. I don’t know how to do it? It is one of the most basic concepts to understand. I am doing a 6S11P in my build.

You want someone to make you a diagram yet you haven’t specified the shape or configuration you want. You might want it 2 cells wide or 4 cells wide, then maybe stacked two high, or only side by side. We don’t know your configuration to give you an exact wiring diagram.

Only info i can give you is, wire 8 sets of 4 parallel cells in series.

Also, if you mean balance leads/BMS wiring then i can help with the general info, but not exact as the pack isnt made yet.

Kk I’m on a mobile Rn I’ll be more specific about it once I have my laptop in front of me

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So I’m trying to make an 8s4p pack but with two 4s 4p packs side by side. Edit: in series @seanpain4

so green is the connection between parallel packs an the numbers are balance lead connections

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Thanks a ton man i think this is just what i needed