90mm Enertion Ghost Wheels for sale UK

I have two sets in the wrappers, enertion 90mm front ghost wheels (4 wheels total). Would make a nice set for a commuter board with the kegel core. I ordered these a long time ago and plans have changed in the months of waiting… £40 plus postage the set. I’d rather not loose out on PayPal charges if it can be avoided. I can add photos tomorrow night.

These ones.

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you wouldnt happen to still have these? Ill buy a set of two for £20?

Hi, As it happens I’ve just yesterday stuck them on a push along board! They’ve been along the road for a mile or two now. Would you still be interested?

yeah - could u update with a photo?

image @s1181

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Can you compare them to Ollin wheels?

ok cool - would a set of 2 for £20 including postage be reasonable? i can paypal you (can you send me a dm i cant seem to workout how to do it)


Heh ok I know they look the same but what about rude quality?

I’ve not really ridden them enough but in an extremely scientific poke test I deduce that the popocas are softer.

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Are Popcas for sale? :blush:

I’ve not given it much thought. Possibly. A good offer could prise them out of my “must build something out of this” box They’re currently built up as a dual 6355 drivetrain on calibers, 15-32 tooth pulleys.

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