97 ABEC v 100 All-Terrain Mountain for Rideability

I’m in San Francisco. I don’t off-road, but I do ride on bad roads, not with huge potholes all the time but just roads that give a lot of vibration. Do the 100mm All-Terrain make a difference between the 97mm ABEC?

I’m only offering an opinion here but I don’t think that there’s any real differences. I’ve ridden both and they seem to accomplish the same thing, heck it seems like the MBS vibrates a bit.

Agreed. The treads just wear down over time. So there’s not too much of a tangible benefit with running with wheels that will essentially be ‘broken in’ over time. The contact patch is also smaller due to the treads. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Go for 97mm. I use them almost everyday on my commute esk8 and they are superb. They even roll over children if you will. :slight_smile: haha Soft and smooth ride, they eat cracks and bumps really well. Sometimes I pull my teeth together and brace for impact…but nothing happens and I just roll away. :wink:

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I can vouch for 97mm ABECs too. Great stuff to ride on (especially compared to smaller wheels). I’ve ridden on MBS too but on a different board, didn’t really notice a difference and both decks were stiff.

You’d hit a bit higher top speed with 100mm wheels than 97mm if that means anything to you.

The Abecs are really nice and if you jump straight onto the MBS afterwards you will notice the difference. The mbs vibrate and make a lot of road noise compared to the Abecs. They’re not bad but I’d definitely choose the Abecs.

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Havent used mbs wheels before but Im in love with my 97s

Would this be a case for pneumatics? I don’t have much experience, but maybe they would be better?

I’ve been runing MBS and Abec 11 Flywheels 97mm 74A, one set on each board I own, the MBS are very grippy when they are shaved, even when they aren’t they have a great amount of grip, the highlight of the MBSs are the shape, they make your board look like a tank, a race car,bthe looks is unbeatable. Ride comfort is good, but not as good as the Abec 11, which are softer and absorb the cracks and sidewalk lines easier, but not by much, if the Abec have 10 in comfort, mbs have 9

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