97mm Flywheel clones DESTROYED!

All 4 wheels were damaged, I did not realize it until one of my front wheels was spinning all crooked and loud. The rear wheels had cracks throughout the whole wheel, the other front was almost as bad as this one. The black 97mm clones have thicker spokes and has yet to crack. And no, I am not being cheap, seems like it is almost impossible to get some legit 97mm flywheel clones.

Found this funny :joy:


“legit clones” “not being cheap” lol

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I think there are a lot of factors that would cause the spokes to crack. lets not forget that these wheels legit or not were never designed to have motor drives strapped to them. also it depends on the type of attachment method used, the weight that its pushing, there is a myriad of other factors I’m sure. Id even go as far to say that the brand name flywheels would also break under the right (wrong) conditions.

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He said all four wheels are damaged not just the drive wheels. And I think abec was aware of electric skateboards that’s why the designed the electric flywheel 107mm wheels specifically for eboards, that have the same core as regular flywheels I believe. So yes they where designed to have a motor strapped to them. Sorry just bit offended that you’re sorta implying that clones are just as good as the real thing.

it seem like the cores are just regular abs?

with all the extra heat that comes from moving at esk8 speeds i’m amazed how well these cheap wheels have held up! Like @lowGuido said these were not made for esk8! They just happen work for it, big, soft, easy to mount drive gears, cheap!!!

so far i’ve had stuck bearings, and really bad wheel wobble but the better sets are still going…guess I’ll have to clean them up and check for cracks now… :nerd:

I’d imagine it would have something to do with a shitty injection mold or the plastic being heated to the wrong temp or maybe even air bubbles in the plastic? you never know with these guys. (china) where’d you buy them? eBay? It would be interesting to see someone else’s opinion with the same wheels.

Cheap and good wheels are hard to find. Even my Enertion ones have a wobble. I’ve been looking at replacements and real flywheels seem to be the way to go. There expensive but so is getting your teeth replaced when you fall of from a wheel failure…

My flywheels are also cracking or something. They make this weird, harsh noise constantly when riding…

I think it’s time to switch to kegels.

Those are the old clone wheels with the exact same core profile as 'ABEC11 Flywheels".

If you look at the new Flywheels they have a much thicker core lines and this was the reason for the change.

So I doubt that this issue would be the same for the current Flywheel clones.

I never said that. what I am saying is that every single person who is running clones (and thats a lot of people) has not had this problem. so there is obviously circumstances that have causes these to break. and legit brands are not indestructible so its quite possible that they could suffer the same under the same circumstances…

I have one set of clones. They don’t ride as well as Flywheels, but no issues so far and I’ve been pretty hard on them. That being said, I only have around 60 miles on them.

Having all 4 break seems like there might have been some sort of manufacturing defect. How were your bearings? Were your spacers locked in good?