97mm Kegals might be coming

Saw this go by on the FB feed this morning…looks like they are hinting at “things in the works”…a 97mm Kegal might make these wheels very viable again…anything over 90mm is pretty easy to roll over rail road crossings, I found 80mm Kegals to be one of my least favorite wheels for eskating due to their size, but this may change my opinion…the thane is grippy and they are fast, but traditionally too small for my needs…


These looked killer too!


thats what she said


oh hey its my reddit post :wink:

super stoked for 97mm kegels! in the purp thane they will be heavenly.

Any 90+ mm will be a good thing

sweet jesus. i think the 80mm kegel are perfect for a small board to have fun with and a light battery to do some tricks. But i rly love the color and style of kegels…the abec and clones are just boring compared to that.

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I hate that kegals are smaller and cannot go over railroad track crossings. I hate the fact they have sharp lipped edges so when you hit anything like a pebble on the edge of the wheel, it deflects the wheel some instead of the rock itself being shed away like a rounded lip wheel will do. I think the thane formula is fast and rolls far, but Speedvent thane is better in both regards so I know and have experienced something better. Abex11’s Reflex thane is slightly better as well in the larger sizes, but we don’t have 97mm and 107mm kegals to compare it too directly.

Abec11 have rounded edges, soft grippy and fast race thane in reflex, strong cores and they last a long time, not to mention they come in the right sizes now that we can get 90mm, 97mm and 107 in Reflex thane…

I would say the Boa’s have potential, but since I don’t have them yet, nor tested the thane for miles I cannot comment on how they compare to the Abec11’s. They potentially could be better…we’ll see…but kegals? By far the quickest wheels to retire from my eskate testing adventures…I have two sets of kegals because I was already using them for LDP, and a set of Ahmyo Akasha with the kegal core at 76mm for my small wheel eskate option…I would go with the Ahmyo Akasha all day over the kegals if I wanted a small wheel…

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I’m pretty sure the new 85mm kegels are a bit more rounded on the edges. At least so they claim.