97mm wheels...Where are they?

Currently riding 83mm flywheel clones and they get kicked around on my commute. Curious if 97mm will make a difference. Have you tried these or have any suggestions?

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Do it. You might also need some risers for clearance though, depending on your setup. For science, I swapped just my front wheels for 97’s, and left the rear 83’s since it’s already setup to go 30+mph, which is plenty fast for me. It gives the board an almost undetectable amount of reverse rake, (which probably slightly helps with braking), but it rolls over a lot more road debris than the 83’s.

I’ve pretty much decided to try a set of 97’s. Was hoping someone would chime in with a better listing or a used set.

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You use different wheels on the same board??

@IsTalo Yes, 83mm drive wheels in the rear and 97mm “ride” wheels in the front. Actually works pretty well. Just swapping out the front wheels was a lot easier than doing the rears too. It was the perfect way for me to experiment and also be lazy at the same time.

$28 is pretty cheap for a set of wheels, I don’t know if your gonna find a better deal. Besides, there is safety buying from Amazon. I have gotten 97mm clones that where so wobbly, I didn’t want to use them. If you get a bad set from Amazon, you can return them and they will pay the shipping. Then again, I just noticed it’s a 3rd party seller. So not sure Amazon will have your back on those.

I bought 2 pairs of these one blk for my sons home made eboard and one blue for my personal eboard i’m currently building. I tried both and honestly, I like them better than my kegals, they go over everything and very smooth ride, i bought on ebay as you can see.

The seller seems to be highly rated and you had good luck wit them. That’s enough for me to try them!

Here are both sets.

Good looking setups! My wheels should be here by the end of the week.

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I made nose guards out of edge trimming I found at my job.

What kind of risers are you running to prevent wheel bite?

1/2" hard and 1/8" soft.

just put these on, coming from 83mm clones, and they’re orders of magnitude better, would recommend 9/10


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