99Wh Batteries?

Anyone has any suggestions for these? I know damn well its a low rating, but I was planning to bring my board overseas, and a 10s2p won’t fit into airline regulations. I’m open to any and every suggestion, be it downplaying my Idea.

Anyone have luck just slapping an official looking sticker on their enclosure that has random values on it including “99Wh battery” and they just don’t even bother? Or are they trained to realized that if they see 20-60 cells that they are certainly seeing a much bigger battery than 99Wh?

truth to be told. regulations are there for safety just so the batteries dont just BOOM out of nowhere. But I like your point.

I believe the regulation is that any one pack can’t be more than 99Wh…but you can have 4 99Wh :slight_smile:

Edit: The regulation I can find (here).

It also says you can have 1 large Lithium battery (101-160 watt hours) and 2 spares per passenger with “airline approval”

If you’re set on 99Wh, I’d say go with the cells that Boosted uses. A123’s I believe.

I’m doing 3 4s3p batteries and connecting them with xt60 series connectors so I can take them apart for planes.

I ordered 2 6s1p batteries from @barajabali using 4500mah Basen cells. They get me 4.5 miles of range each and run like a dream. Both 99wh and I am planning to take them to Germany with me this summer

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I think this is the best option!

Have you tired using them both in parallel to see if you get any more range? I like swapping half way, but at that size you might get better results with lower draw per cell…

you could even do 12s if your esc setup can handle it.

I have thought about putting them in parallel and I have the room but for the time being 4.5 miles is enough range for me

I have no experience soldering cells together, so might have to look around here.

Also, 4 99Wh? you think I could join em up and increase range?

How much where they? I see you live in Cali, so shipping would probably be cheaper, but how much do you think it will cost to bring it into singapore?

For me it came up to about 150 USD for both, and that’s for the cells, the labor, and shipping. Shipping to singapore is bound to be expensive, but with the relatively small size of the batteries it shouldn’t be that bad.

Might drop him a message just to see if he’d like to do it!

ok. I’m relatively new to this forum, but how do you message him :joy:

Click on his profile and click message

one year before, the electronics with battery <158Wh is easy to be on plane. After many hoverboards fire accidents,most of the airlines changed the rules: <99Wh is OK,but 99Wh-158Wh,depends on different airlines.before your departure,had better make a call to them and confirm.

Yeah. Stupid “hoverboards” and their terrible quality batteries and BMS’s. They’ve literally blown (no pun intended) it for the rest of us.