A complete review of meepo board FOC/Regen/22MPH


Seems better than the koolwheel

thanks. I sold many, and most of the customers are supporting me very much. :slight_smile:


Well done @kieraneboard

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It seems kind of hard to call it a review if you are the one selling it… looks good though


Really hard to see why everyone seems to be rallying behind these. What sets them apart from most eboard brands utilizing similar hardware?

This is half the price of usual Chinese boards with better quality. And the owner replies to your concerns. Very clear about all the parts he uses. He’s not afraid to tell you there are better parts. But you can’t get this price anywhere else.


The review is not from him, but the reviewer for the board for free from him.

I’ve had mine for a month now and it more than delivers, especially considering the price tag and customer support.

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Nice to see a budget board that pays attention to their customers. Looks like you guys have a lot of fans.

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im ordering mine right now! lol the price is ridiculously awesome and Kierrn seems very passionate about his work and it shows! thanks