A few boards for sale...reduced

Hi Guys, I’m new here, I have a few decks for sale, some minus motors, batteries, some minus cogs, batteries…Basically some cores to start with for beginners, or someone wanting an easy base to start from, Munky Board, with controller, 150w brush, bad battery, no drive cog, never used, no clue as to the electronics…$50 Backfire, board, trucks, wheels, no battery, no motor, no motor mount, or cog, less than 10 miles, ?? reasonable offers… you pay shipping from 60622, all have 83x52 wheels

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How much does the junkyard weigh?

Is Munky board still available? I sent you a PM.

I just saw that the auto correct changed munky board to junkyard sorry

Hi yes it is, sorry, I was out of town

Sorry, I was out of town, I will weigh it today, Thanks

Hello there by any chance is the munkyboard still for sale