A friendly reminder to inspect your new FOCBOX before installing it

I’m not blaming Enertion or anything, and this would probably work just fine but it definitely wouldn’t cool as efficiently as it should. Takes two minutes to remove the case (Three 2.5 hex bolts) and fix something like this.

FWIW the other one I ordered was just fine and both are flawless otherwise.


I’m fairly new so I’m not certain what is wrong w/ the FOCBOX. Is it the hotglue or the foam tape, or both?

The thermal tape (or whatever it’s called) isn’t covering half of the right row of fets. Meaning they wouldn’t make total contact with the heatsink and wouldn’t cool like it should.


Sometimes there is also a plastic sheet glued to the thermal tape which should be removed but for some reason it has been kept there :frowning:

I got 2 and it came in 1, the other was ok.

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I just finished installing everything yesterday… guess everything is coming off for an inspection :frowning:

I made a post about this not so long ago it’s the cyber Monday people orders that got it pretty bad someone at the factory is slacking on removing the sticker from the thermal pad
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I got 2 during the cyber Monday and checked them both both had the thermal pad only on half of the back frets.