A little help/knowledge about how bms work & best price

Hey guys I just recently ordered a new longboard deck for my already existing setup and am getting pretty tired of taking all the batteries out of the enclosure to charge them INDIVIDUALLY. My setup is 4x3s turnigy 25c 5000mah lipos, 4.12 vesc from diyelectricskateboard, and a 149kv sk3 motor. I was wondering what kind of a bms I would have to buy for 4x3s batteries in series. I looked for other forums about the same thing and couldnt find anyone using 4 3s batteries. I watched some tutorials on how to wire the jxt connectors to the bms but still don’t get it. The most important thing for me to know at the moment is what the best bms is. What’s the best price range, specific brand, etc. I’ve read that the best charger port is the ones on the hoverboards because the chargers are cheap, but slow. Any help is great. Thanks

@namasaki you’re up my friend


First off, Best and Cheap are two words that do not go together. In the long run, Best is always a good choice Cheap is never a good choice

Bestech bms are the best in my opinion. They come with high amp output, plenty of heat sink on FET’s and a dependable built in E-switch that illimnates the need of an anti-spark switch or loop key.

Cheap chargers are not very reliable. They charge slowly because they are usually only 2a output and they tend to get hot. Chargers like the 4a and 5a versions that Supower sells are faster, more reliable and have a built in fan to control heat. http://bestechpower.com/444v12spcmbmspcbforli-ionli-polymerbatterypack/PCM-D223V1.html

search for Supower products on eBay for chargers


That’s exactly what I needed to know thanks!

One more thing… how do you buy the bms off of the best tech power website?? There’s no prices or anything. I read on the forums that they also only let you buy a minimum of 2?? If that’s the case then I think I’ll just buy a 12s 100a bms off of eBay for 90 dollars.


Is 80a enough continuous discharge?

Yes, especially since this bms can go much higher for short bursts.

I’m running dual vescs set at 50a each with mine and no problems.

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