A question about VESC heat

How much airflow should I have on the VESC when in use? I’m running a 6374 with 12s and wanted to make a totally waterproof enclosure but I also don’t want to destroy anything from overheating/igniting. If using waterproof and presumably airtight containers, should I have the VESC in a separate container from the batteries? could I add a partition and use a bunch of foil to keep the VESC heat in its own area?

At 12S the heat from a VESC is not really that much, unless you’re going uphill full throttle for miles. I run a single VESC on a 6355 12S setup in a completely sealed enclosure and have never run into heat problems, though I havent ridden at ambient temperatures higher than 15°C yet. But I don’t think that will matter too much.