A Tiny Like Really Small Board

So i’m currently at uni and i want to make a tiny Really portable board so i don’t have to walk the 500m from the train to my class.

I’m really not to fussed about top speed or about range i just want it to be as small as possible.

Having researched i haven’t seen many small boards or any non-long boards.

How unstable are small boards? I believe that why Long boards are so popular because there so stable.

This is the board i was looking at using: http://www.121cboards.com/rover/

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If your not worried about speed you dont need a longboard. The only reason we use them is for their stability at speeds around 20+mph. It is definitely possible to build. You are going to need a small battery motor and enclosure most importantly. I am doing a group buy right now for 6354 motors that would fit this project like a glove, and you can score one for $61! I would check out some of these build threads:


Smaller the board the less powerful it will be and the less steeper incline you’ll be able to climb.

If your not worried about it then it’s perfectly fine.

Originally, I wanted to make a really small/nice setup that’s about 25-27" but you run out of deck space for a flat pack.

Sounds great though. 22-24" are nice.

thats a cool mini board but like tb said you’ll run out of space fast.

it’s also shown on 125mm trucks, most builds are using 180mm to have enough space for mounts/pulleys… but it would look and ride pretty funny with trucks that wide and board that small… maybe 165mm calibers would work…not sure if anyone has tried tho.

Hey I was looking at the same board to haha they are nice I think they might be a little to flexible tho :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah i have been looking into the trucks. i’m still not sure how I;m going to do it. weather i just use larger trucks or make my own motor mount on smaller ones.

yea thats what’s been keeping me away from a penny/nikel size board so for now i’m going for a slightly larger but still portable build with the jet potato/spud 29"

its not tiny, but its alot more capable! then you can just get off the train a stop earlier and enjoy the longer ride to wake up before class.

I’m working on a 32" Mini Carbon Fiber Deck. Will fit a 10s3p and 2x VESCs. Should be awesome. I was trying to make it smaller but making it even smaller would sacrifice something which I didn’t want to do.

I think stability has to do with a rider’s ability. There are people bombing some hills on their 22" Penny on youtube.

Even if you can get it to work, it’s just an awkward ride if you buy off-the-shelf stuff from vendors. 83mm wheels + 10" trucks on a 22" deck looks funky. One poster here put Enertion parts on his Penny and I just can’t see it being enjoyable. I think going to a 29"+ deck would be more reasonable.

Here’s what it might look like on a 22" deck. https://endless-sphere.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=73256&hilit=penny+board

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Cmatson did a build on 160mm Caliber 2s. I got the idea from him and have torqueboard v4 mount on mine. It’s doable!

I remember on endless-sphere a couple years back, someone made a friction drive setup for his 22in penny.