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A ton of questions for the experts

I am building my second eboard and the most important thing I have learnt from the first build is to learn from others. My build is a long board, single motor. Basic specs: SPACE cell battery, SPACE cell battery enclosure from RunPlayBack, VESC from Enertion, Turnigy SK3 Aerodrive 149kV motor, enertion wireless controller. Documenting my progress at Questions that I would love answered before I continue with my build follows:

  1. For a single motor build, and a rider with a Regular Stance (left foot facing forward) - which quadrant of the deck/trucks is it best to place the motor? I was thinking bottom (rear)/Left.

  2. What is the best way of fixing the SPACE cell battery enclosure mentioned to the deck? Is it needed to have some kind of quick release mechanism to quickly remove the enclosure in case there is problems? I had this problem on my first build, but it was an entirely different build. Any examples would be much appreciated.

  3. What is the best way of securing different components (such as space cell, vesc, receiver) WITHIN the enclosure so that they don’t rattle around?

  4. How do I connect and set up the receiver that came with the Enertion wireless controller to the VESC? How do I power this receiver? Do I need a separate power source? Where do I find these little plugs/cables to connect it to the VESC? Does this receiver need some degree of programming? How do I “pair” it with the controller?

  5. Perhaps my very biggest concern is the following: What settings should I use on the VESC for the SPACE cell battery combined with the Turnigy SK3 aerodrive 149kV motor. I weigh around 85kg, is this set up even appropriate?

Thank you in advance!

  1. mount the motor heel side.
  2. I usually use go pro stickies to stick the batteries to the case, so that if I do remove the case the batteries come out with it.
  3. as above
  4. the receiver is powered through the 5V on the PWM cable. just connect it up and its powered.
  5. this one is tricky, it is a lot of personal preference, run the motor detection first and then go from there, read this forum there is a lot of info on this forum for ideas on different settings.

For number 2, I mean how do you guys fix the whole enclosure securely to the deck? I ordered this enclosure: RunPlayBack 20" ABS Enclosure for Space Cell & Single VESC My idea was to just drill holes on the sides, then also drill holes through the deck and secure all of it with normal skateboard hardware. However, I am sure there are better ways of doing it, no?

I use 3m and two tiny screws … As long as it’s not getting bashed…it ain’t falling off.

ahh, I misread the question… here, check this thread out
I used clevis pins.

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I use these:

2 x No. 8-32 x 1 in. Phillips Flat-Head Machine Screws (5-Pack) 2 x No. 8-32 Stainless Steel Machine Screw Nut (4 per Pack) 1 x No. 8 Zinc-Plated Steel Flat Washer (30-Pack)

I’d also recommend a sheet of 1/4" adhesive Neoprene foam cut into strips to line the outer trim of the enclosure to weather proof it to the deck. If you want to go extra weather proof, line the bottom of the deck with 1/8" Neoprene foam cut to the same size as the enclosure and have a layer of rubber covering the bottom of the enclosure. This is how the Yuneec E-GO’s battery enclosure does it and it’s really great at keeping out moisture.

I also mount it similarly. helps seal the edges especially with boards with concaves.

Plastic Thumb nuts work great too. Just use a matching bolt for your specified length (depending on your board).