A2ESK8 at the historic Michigan Theater

Hey guys just wanted to share this ESK8 promo I put together and premiered last Friday at the Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor. I screened a bunch of trailers before the main program and had this one play right in the beginning. We received some really great feedback and got a whole bunch of people interested in eboarding. I think the last 5 questions at our Q&A panel were specifically about eboarding lol. It was a completely sold out show and big shout out to @Jeff who attended and is also part of A2ESK8 which is our local DIY eboard group here.




Congrats RIK !! Absolutely great work !

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You are the MAN you are taking this to a whole new level thank you for that.

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Really cool and engaging video. Makes me kind of feel like we all need to start local ESk8 clubs and chapters.

And what is Force Touch anyway?

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DOPE AS SHIT :metal:t2:

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So I create videos for a living, mostly music videos, commercials, branded content, docs, etc. - occasionally I have spare time to make a short film, usually a fictional narrative, and hold a screening where I invite other filmmakers to screen some of their work as well. “Force Touch” is my latest short film about four friends who discover a smartphone that takes pictures of the future. Here’s the trailer:



we need more lights :slight_smile:

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Awesome video man, whenever I hear that song come on in a video I know something epic is about to happen :slight_smile:


Great work Rik, Top notch!

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Awesome video as always Rik!

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Do you guys still do anything with A2Esk8??

I’ve been longboarding for a while and just finished up my first build. Looking for some people to ride with