A2ESK8 Old School Mini Cruiser | 31.5" Speed Demons Deck | Single Carvon V2 Hub Motor | 12s1p LiFePO4 | VESC

This site has tons of great blank longboards all for 40 dollars total! I highly recommend them!!!

Also the board linked to is very similar to the vangard and has a good flex to it! :smiley:

@RunPlayBack these guys don’t get that we old dudes are sentimental and shit…lol

Think it went over thier head lol

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nah man, my total for one deck was $40, plus tax, so naw. ebay is better

Oh when I ordered I didnt even check the total. I edited the post to say 40 now. I do agree ebay has cheap boards but many longboards there do push 40 bux. Still happy with the board I got from them.

here boi




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hell yes. This thread is an awesome sandwich with a side of awesome. That kicktail drop deck hack is amazing.


@whitepony haha yeah it is kind of a crazy angle but it actually feels super safe and responsive with the stretched 19.5" wheelbase. Popping it up is a little challenging because I don’t get the same leverage but everything else about it feels so good.

@Mobutusan lol, those Santa Cruz decks are classics! I wish I kept the decks I had back then - I know one of my first boards was a Vision. It’s really amazing how this thing rides, like I said it’s almost like a mini drop down deck.

@NNGG true your right, some of these skate decks can be as much as or even more than the blank longboards

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@Michaelinvegas haha yeah I guess I’m getting sentimental. next I’ll be hacking my old school Dyno GT in my parents garage (no I won’t).

@longhairedboy you’re up next…get that Powell build going

oh its happening… as soon as i get out from under this mess of builds @Photorph created by singlehandedly doing all of the marketing i never was able to do. I’ve got a few extra VESCs from that january order… and maybe an extra remote or two… and a couple extra motors. just need to find a box worthy of one of the bones brigade’s finest’s signature boards and a smallish BMS that actually works as designed and isn’t a brick when i receive it.

its a 1991 ray underhill, and its going to be like restoring an antique with 2016 technology. Sort of like if i let Elon Musk have his way with my 87 toyota pickup.


Hey! Sick build. You inspired me on doing the same. Does it turn well? I was thinking of installing the rear truck a little bit forward, do you think this is possible? So i can use the rear as a kicktail for easier turning and avoiding obstacles. Thanks!

It turns very well, although I’m using pretty soft bushings. The trick is to dial in just right to prevent the speed wobbles. Moving the rear truck to the front might mess with the overall height balance but might be worth a shot. You can also compensate for the height by using different sized angled risers. I find having the truck that far on the rear actually helps with my acceleration and carving because I’m able to really dig into the truck which makes it more responsive. This is on my Carvon hub setup so it may be different if your planning a belt drive. Also a nice bonus feature is that it can stand upright :slight_smile:

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At what speed do you start getting the wobbles on that? I have been cruising at about 20mph very comfortably on my spliff.

Previously I had some really soft green bushings on there from my Polar Bear trucks and very loose trucks and got wobbles around 20mph. I switched those out to 78a Venom bushings barrel and cone and no more speed wobbles. I’m between 125-130lbs.

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I am running Paris trucks and whatever standard bushings came with the set. What bushings would you recommend to get past the 20mph? I’m about 200lbs.

Check this out https://www.muirskate.com/longboard-guide/bushings/intro/

Also @Jeff is about your weight, he might have something to add.

I weigh 225lbs and ride Venom green barrels board side and venom red barrels road side. I push 30 mph and have never had speed wobbles. Of course I don’t recommend those speeds unless you have clear open space and plenty of safety gear on.

It is very unsafe to over-compress the stock bushings for stability. This will sacrifice turning ability which will make to hard to dodge something if you needed to.

Hey dude! I’m here again. Inspired by your build i bought the rest of the things i needed and tomorrow i’ll have them all. I’ll be using a skate deck aswell. I already have the skate deck. But i’m afraid to f*ck up while drilling the truck holes. Do you have any tips to have them aligned perfectly? Thanks a lot!!

Yeah sure, so if you scroll up you’ll notice how I used painter’s tape to align all the holes. I think I did 3" from truck hole to truck hole. Remember to use the trucks you are mounting to mark the holes. Use a color that contrasts the color of your deck. Also go slowly :slight_smile:

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Great! Thanks a lot! In the next few days i’ll make a thread on the build, so we’ll see if i succeed! Haha.