A2ESK8 Old School Mini Cruiser | 31.5" Speed Demons Deck | Single Carvon V2 Hub Motor | 12s1p LiFePO4 | VESC

First off, this build is a remix of my A2ESK8 Mini Cruiser and inspired by @VladPomogaev prolific build on Instructables. Big shout out to @maxz @Michaelinvegas and @longhairedboy for renewing interest in old school skate decks. Essentially all I’ve done is port over my carbon fiber mini cruiser components onto my classic Speed Demons red and black checkerboard skateboard deck. But forget the science for a moment. Let’s talk about nostalgia…

31.5" x 7.8" Speed Demons 7-ply Hard Rock Canadian Maple Carvon V2 Single Hub Motor ABEC11 90mm Flywheels Custom 12s1p LiFePO4 Battery A2SK8 Apone V1 Enclosure Ollin Board Co. VESC Kaly 2.4ghz Nano Remote

What the hells a Speed Demons deck? Well Speed Demons is a company based in El Segundo, California that operates under the Dwindle Distribution label alongside other brands like Enjoi, Darkstar, Almost, and Tensor. They are pretty cheap, non premium boards that you can find just about anywhere back in the day. However, 10 years ago, it was all I could afford at the time as a scrappy kid in NYC running around shooting rap videos. This thing has been with me everywhere, during some of most poignant moments in my life. It’s been abused like no tomorrow but there is no way I would ever get rid of it. However, now that I’ve gotten into ESK8, there was only one thing I could do…

Electrify it!

First step was lengthening the original 13.5" wheelbase by adding approximately 3" distance from end to end. Using painter’s tape, I was able to add some visual measurements to ensure proper alignment.

Next I drilled all the truck holes on both ends of the kicktails. The rear kicktail had slightly more edge clearance than the front which is fine as it helped me distinguish front and back. Once this was done, it created a wheelbase of approximately 19.5", more than enough room for my 11" enclosure.

I then added the 10" Carvon trucks and Abec11 90mm Flywheels along with 1/4" shock pad risers and 78a standard barrel and cone bushings to test the ride.

At 125-130lbs I’m a lightweight which means no wheelbite with this setup. Stepping on this deck is like coming home from a long vacation - it just feels comfortable as hell. With the trucks mounted at the kicktails it gives the board a drop down effect so you immediately feel that instant pocket of stability.

Next I ported over my electronics. I really, REALLY love how adaptable this setup is especially for these mini cruiser builds. This compact 12s1p LiFePO4 system paired with a @chaka VESC and @LEVer V2 hub motor has been incredibly reliable. LiFePO4 A123 cells are becoming my favorite cells because of the smooth discharge and minimal voltage sag. I love these cells so much I’ve started working on a 12s2p battery as my next project. Ask @Kaly he’ll tell you how dope these cells are.

As you can see there’s a really interesting dichotomy happening here - a blending of old school aesthetics with modern ESK8. I’m sure many of you have decks that you are emotionally attached to and my reaction to this build brought back so many good memories while also opening up a bunch of other possibilities for the future. This is the type of shit that you pass onto your kids! And while the LiFePO4 cells don’t dictate the slimmest enclosure, it provides the perfect amount of clearance for my needs, especially with those 90mm Abec11’s.

I took a quick ride around the block and it was simply amazing. It’s almost easier to ride especially for beginners or anyone who prefers a more stable, yet driftier setup along with that familiarity of riding a traditional skateboard deck. Essentially, by mounting the trucks on the kicktails, it distributes your weight over the trucks more evenly, resulting in an overall lower center of gravity. By using softer bushings, I’m able to create better response in the trucks. Since you aren’t standing directly on the trucks, your standing platform is confined between them which makes it more stable. Also since the board is closer to the pavement, pushing and cruising is way easier, especially commuting through a dense city.

My conclusion here is that EVERYONE should try this. These decks are way cheaper than longboards and chances are you already have an old school deck collecting dust in your closet or you can easily find vintage ones on eBay or at garage sales that have way more personality than something brand spanking new. Honestly, this takes DIY to a whole new level for me because I have a better story to tell. When someone asks me about the deck I can tell them about the time I let Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo skate around on it in a parking lot while waiting for the next setup on a music video. I think that’s a much more organic segue into ESK8 than saying “yeah I bought this online and it arrived in a box”.

So what’s your story? Let me see your old school decks. I’m looking at you @longhairedboy


Hey … Have you tried whipping the back around on a tight turn



Very nice!

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Why do I get this feeling you want me to hurt myself? :skull_crossbones:

Lol oh…u wait till you do it and stay on the board…I bet you can’t stop yourself and do it again and again … It’s a good feelin

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Nice !!! Welcome to the Future Old Timer ( Deck) :relaxed: @RunPlayBack Loving the Honesty of the deck.

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It’s like when you are dusting someone (snowboarding reference) without the snow


lol I get it, we’ll see. I need to put some miles on this setup first :slight_smile:

I expect to see that move incorporated in one of your future videos :film_projector:…slow-mo…maybe some sparks…and fog lol

You can call it the MichaelInVegas Slide lol

I kill me :joy::joy::joy:

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Off topic but are your pictures taken with flash or is it just nice lighting?

It’s his livin’ better look nice lol

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I’m liking the modifications. Suttle but effective.

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I use 1’ LED Litepanels kit along with D-Fuse softboxes for my studio setup. For photos it’s sometimes a mix between my GH4, A7S or LG G4 which is a pretty powerful camera for mobile as it shoots DNG RAW.

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Did not know a studio setup would cost that much. Nice though. I’ll stick to natural lighting/flash haha

There’s a ton of budget LED lighting stuff you can find on eBay. Video is pretty much my main gig so I have a lot of gear lying around.

Hey! Good job on the build. Pics look really great too! (Also, can your board stand on it’s end?)

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Thanks Vlad, keep up the great work man! Yup it stands on it’s end haha. I was thinking of adding a tail guard so I can pop it up.

hah, that looks really awesome! a little worried about that obscene truck angle though, looks like you got 60°+ rear and front now with this small wheelbase! :sweat_smile:

@RunPlayBack Looking good, bud! I think you and I might be the only two people in the world to try this! :wink: (probably not, but I bet there ain’t too many). It’s such a weird looking setup, but like you said, rides surprisingly well. Kind of reminds me of and old shitty car, dropped on air bags, with super wide rims worth more than the car.

And since you asked to see more unicorn dinosaurs, here’s my OLD, OLD school double decker foam sandwich experiment board. It was one of those “wonder if I can?..gonna have to try it now” moments. Basically, when I got my first DIY components all together, I started electrifying everything I could, starting with my old long board, then my old street board, then my older Santa Cruzer, then two boards at once, then a car bucket seat on a longboard, and so on. You know, all the ridiculous things I dreamed about when I was growing up.

And now, the nearly finished current iteration of my 90’s Santa Cruz deck.


Ebay longboards are around $20-$40. I think thats a good deal