AA Torque Systems. "MACH 1 ELITE"

So round #2! This time I spent much more time on the actual website and naming for the Mach 1. Hope your guys had a very happy holidays from my team and I to you! We wish you a very happy new year! And If you’d like to try out a board let me know for a special discount and we’re also looking for reviewers on our boards. We wish you a happy new year and hope you make us a part of it too!

Go fast, go Mach 1

Still looking for any suggestions too! Videos of the board will be up before the end of the year! Hill climbs, speed tests, etcetera! Thank you!


This hurts my eyes :frowning: 13S, what? That must be the oddest config ever, atleast in esk8.

You also need to list the full specs of the setup for each individual part and get better pictures. People shop with their eyes and no one in their right mind would spend $1000 without doing their homework on the specs.

And no disrespect, but is english your first language? The text on the page still has grammatical errors and that makes it look unprofessional. You should get someone to proof read the whole site.

Love the enthusiasm, keep it up! Cheers.

I think its 13s because of A123, have lower voltages i think so 13s is like 10s or something

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The font is a pain in the a** to read…

Tbh, this looks more like a childs website… You should’ve worked on the first version. Product page is still a pain. Why not take some effort and take some real product photos ? Or hire an professional to do that.


Oh boy! Yes that’s aids alright. You guys it’s pretty bad lol. Its a black design, with blue lettering is how it’s supposed to look like. Let me see if I can fix it! We’ll it has to be fixed casue I want to gorge my eyes out. Yes, English is not first language, but it’s just my cruddy teachers as a kid I love to blame but most likely my stupidy at this point.

Yes the pictures are old and I’m so sorry! :confused:I’m planning on taking new ones today with a photographer who has been taking product shots for a while.

The 13s is for a123 batteries, they have a 3.6 Nomial voltage so you need a higher cell count compared to lion or lipo.

Lastly, there should be a full specs list in the description. Or is it that I didn’t go into enough detail?

@TranxFu Oh darn it. See I have some hawk eye vision but get blindsided that not everyone does. Yikes! You think the original was better? Okay if enough people hate this one I’ll revert and edit the older one.

I have found the problem! Since there is a quick view, you clicked on that then the actual store page, since then I have tried to fix it but still gave me some bugs. It’s completely Disabled now, so you’re forced to click the store page, muahahaha (evil laugh) @rwxr do you mind taking another look for me an see the full page? Thank you!

A123 Lifepo cells do not have 3.6V nominal voltage (that would be Liion) but 3.3V

12S A123 is closest to 10S Li-ion/Lipo

@Maxid Yes Daniel your totally right. I got them confused,

@Eboostin I used 3.5v at 13s to use a 42v charger, they loose maybe 100mah between 3.6 and 3.5 since voltage sag :slight_smile:

They have less capacity because you are not charging them to 3.6V. What does voltage sag have to do with it?

42v* charger you mean?

But 42v divided by 3.5v equals 12 cells. Not 13 cells.

Yes, 42v. Yeah, when I say voltage sag I see about a 0.1v drop when using a fully charged a123 at 3.6 to 3.5 under load (30a) so I decided to use a 42v charger since it drops down to 3.5 under load. I translated this to loosing about 100mah to 200mah from not using a 43.2v DC charger to charge them fully. Sorry I was distracted when I said 13s.

I just ordered one of these yesterday as my first esk8, and I am really excited to receive this board… Now I just need the snow to clear so I can take it out for a spin. I’ll post a review when it comes in and I am able to test it out.

Interested in one of these. I pinged you through your site.

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