Abec 11 97mm wheels ALL SOLD

So I have stockpiled a load of parts and just will not get round to using them. I bought them in bulk to lower costs but got hammered by customs on both occasions. I only want what I paid for them. All that is left is one set of Abec 11 flywheels 97mm 74a £100 a set ( 1 sets available) new in cellophane Torqueboards 218mm trucks £65 a set. ( 0 sets available 1 reserved @nadir35)
All plus your desired postage at cost.


what is shipping to US? I might take the 97 abecs…

@darkkevind quick

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Looks like I can ship 1 set for £13 or 2 for £18. Such a shame to clock up this many air miles thoug! Thought some of the UK/EU guys would fancy them!

Hay Ben are you selling the popoca as well?

hey man, I’ll take a set of 218mm trucks.

Apart from torqueboards mounts, do caliber ones fit?

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Sorry not selling the Popocas. Just fitted them to the new project… Very nice.

I’ve fitted enertion clone motor mounts to them, (2 part mounts) I’m told they are 1mm larger than calibers?

@darkkevind get your arse over here!

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I pinged him a message, He’s on a bargain hunt though…

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haha alright, just didn’t want him to miss out on his beloved flywheels :wink:

@banjaxxed @GrecoMan @bigben

Thanks guys, I made a mistake, this UK site is £90 + £2.99 shipping… so… @Ben, if you could do that I’ll take yours otherwise I think I’ll order from this site and hope they’re legit…

I won’t share the link here though until you’ve sold all yours Ben :thumbsup:

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@darkkevind if you say his name 3 times does he appear like beetlejuice!!


Pahahahaha! :smiley: :joy:

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Bum (if they exist…)

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You did just 3 seconds before I said it…wizard!

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Yes that’s the one! Why did you post it??? Sell yours first! :stuck_out_tongue: lol

Their site is so shitty though, that’s what’s gave me the heeby geebies… :confused:

Nah, I’m not in it to profiteer. If people can find them cheaper that cool. Not like the guy on ebay trying to sell a set of 107s for 180 quid!


Ha! Yeah that guy sucks :frowning:

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