Abec 11 and jet skateboards websites down




Down again. :frowning:

Well I know the last time it was because the subscription for the domain host had expired maybe they are doing work on the site.

His other site, liquid trucks is also down.

Well I know they are updating some of the wheels he was on here yesterday and talked about changes they were making to the bigzigs

Well, their store sk8trip is still up and running.

Honestly…I want them to put their precision llquid trucks back up for order. It’s been nearly a year already since they took it off :angry:!

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Their business is so poor, with such great potential. Almost every product is out of stock and has been for 1+ yrs.

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Not really…they’ve been catering to companies since esk8 started getting more popular. They’ve been concentrating on fulfilling their contracts with said companies…and since they’re small, it leaves us consumers on the backburner.

Heck, they are the ones who are making the trucks for Carvon DD’s AND are their neighbors!

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They can’t keep up with demand, so yes really.

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Demand from consumers : they can’t keep up. Demand from companies : they keep up.

It’s almost like they’ve shifted from being a retailer to a wholesaler, focusing on selling to companies and other businesses and slowly ending any dealings with the public. But I don’t think Chris intended to it to be like this…


They could, you know, hire someone to help, and fulfill demand for their products.

But instead other companies will move in with awesome products and keep the market satisfied. Which is good, because I don’t like needing something that’s not in-stock anywhere. Demand for their products will very slowly decrease over time until they are irrelevant. Unless they change their business practices.

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Yup. Just like every other manufacturer…ever.

If they hire more people, it also means prices go up for us consumers. More space to accommodate new employees, more resources needed to make sure said employees get what they need to do the job, plus costs and time for training new employees to make sure they are doing things the way the company itself does it.

Hiring new employees doesn’t instantly solve the problem of demand. It causes more issues initially…and if the new employee even makes it past training and shows he/she is capable of doing the job then the training pays off. If he/she shows that they aren’t capable, then that’s several months worth of training down the drain and back to the drawing board.

Most consumers will get impatient and in this day and age of innovation and progress, they’ll just shift over to products that are actually available, this is true as you said. I think it’s a good thing; competition means more and better products for us to pick and choose from.

Personally, I don’t like their wheels and am indifferent to their decks. But I am an absolute fan of their precision trucks. With the way things are going, I’ve already conceded and accepted the fact that when I start my second build and ABEC still doesn’t have the order option open for their precision trucks, I’ll have to look elsewhere (probably my ronins collecting dust in the closet).

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Hiring more employees is costly, but it should be proportional to sales. An increase in sales should increase revenue.

fact of the matter is that capitalism makes the world run. Small companies are forced to do contracts for fulfillment quantities that are higher then what they can do for companies that have the contracts and still get them to the everyday consumers. We saw that with Enertion this past november. Abec11 is a great company with great products. I have liquid trucks and flashbacks and they are both very high quality items and I love both of them. But there are so many large companies like landyatch and sector9 that can pop out contracts and deliver them to the consumers super quick.

They were neighbors

@scrapheap and @Jedi What you fail to account for is that actually meeting consumer demand can make more money. I don’t think at this time there is a lack of demand. After other companies have filled the void due to negligence by the industry-leader, that may change. You are confusing cause and effect.

I’m fine with all this, because obtaining wheels should not be the bottleneck in making electric skateboards anyway. I encourage competition which will benefit only the consumer.

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Who moved @_@?!

And to @b264, I never said that meeting consumer demand wouldn’t make more money. Most people don’t realize that hiring new employees can set back production, at minimum, a month because of veteran employees having to train new employees and therefore having to divide their time between their actual job and having to train the new guy. This causes more problems, unless the company outsources help from qualified 3rd party contractors who can do it with minimal to no training. Heck, a lot of companies do that nowadays during high demand seasons or periods when they can’t meet demand.

To me, since the beginning, ABEC seemed more like a wholesaler than a retailer…they don’t even have a CS/HR team to handle emails and phone calls. It’s usually up to the accountant to handle the emails and whoever happens to be on the warehouse floor to handle the calls. I hate to admit it, but it IS quite disorganized.

EDIT : Awww crap, I forgot to mention, this usually applies to smaller business and companies. Corporations, they have enough manpower to pick up the slack that happens when hiring and training new employees. And if not, they just outsource.

carvon moved , something happened which am not allowed to disclose. Wish the best for Chris

Damn. Thanks for telling. I’ve been out of the CarvON loop for a while.

But they aren’t meeting consumer demand. I would buy a set of liquid trucks right now if they were available. It took me a year to find a 33" Potato deck. There’s no lack of demand, only lack of supply.