ABEC 11 Flywheels & Clones 34,36,38,40,42,44,48,50 Tooth Pulley STL files for 9mm,12mm and 15mm Belts

If you use their slow option then it’s a lot cheaper. Also this week is free shipping.

“That’s right it’s happening again! This week only we’re shipping all orders over $25 free. Anything on the website, anywhere in the world ships free! Offer expires Sunday August 21 at 11:59 PM PDT”

Thanks that brought the total for both pieces delivered to $35!

What files did you use. I just ordered a pair of thick retainer and a pair of 40T 12mm pulleys and it cost me $67 using the extended manufacturing.

That sounds right, I only ordered one set of 44T pulley + thin retainer, not the pair you ordered. Want to see how it comes out first lol.

In separate esk8 thread they are using 12-14mm spacer for these type of ABEC wheel pulleys when installing on a 107mm wheel. Are there similar spacer files we can use in addition to retainer here in order to fit depth of 107mm centerset wheel?

I also have MBS wheels that I have not used in a build yet. Are there files for 48T or 50T 9mm pulleys, as I would get those printed out to test as well. Thanks for posting these, much appreciated!

Good lord you guys are paying >$50 for 3d printed pulleys??? That’s insane. Making those pulleys costs nothing near that.

Shapeways is most definitely not the cheapest 3d printing service. I can do It for you guys if you’d like, just send me a pm. I would say they would come out to 5-8 dollars

I’m making the 48T and the 50T pulleys and posting the links later today hopefully

I’m actually local in St. Paul/Minneapolis area to you. Any chance I could just meet up with you to have a pulley printed instead of shipping?

I actually just printed your 44T pulley last night. It came out great. I will update on the usability soon, but as far as I can see the teeth are accurate and the size looks right.

That is just the community by hub is in, I’m ac5tally located in northern mn, around the walker area. So I won’t be able to meet up, sorry.

I think I replied to you on a different thread, but doing it again on this thread.

The shapeways 3D printed parts are printed in Nylon using sintering. That makes it super strong and doesn’t de-layer like the extrusion printing. $35(shipped) is probably not too bad if it lasts more than twice that long.

Yea, it wouldn’t last any longer. I print them In 100% infill and I’ve probably put 150-200 km on my 30T pulley and it shows zero sign of wear whatsoever. The board is going to blow up before my pulleys break

Edit - I shouldn’t knock sintering, its great, but the difference in strength is not enough to make a difference with how we use these pulleys. They just don’t see the forces necessarily to break them as long as they are printed correctly

OK, you have convinced me to try yours.

@E-Boarding @caustin 48 Tooth and 50 Tooth Just because available.

Also I keep hearing about this 107 flywheel that you need spacers for. If someone could provide me with the dimensions for these and a few pictures of how the current model fits, I can just makes all these for the 107 and save you the trouble of shimming them. Up to you guys though.


Haha, I’m not trying to get your money or anything, I just don’t want people to be spending big bucks when they shouldnt have to. If you want one made just pm me

petg was getting sqeeky when I tired it as a motor pulley… tpe (~90a flex) worked the best for me.

I started one of these in scad based on that pulley generator, but modeling the spokes just took forever…

Also It looks like theres only the Thick version of the pulleys, there are both retainers tho.

so far 3/3 flywheel clones have thin spokes…

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I should note that I didn’t have time to closely look at the teeth, but they are no bueno. (44t version)

I tried printing with 1,2 and 3 walls and different infills and they still wind up very strange. I can PM you a picture, but in general they seem to be too thin and there is space between the infill and teeth. I changed the infill overlap and it didn’t do much. My guess is that the flat part on the top is still not big enough. I tried it with both printers, one with .5mm nozzle and another with .4mm and neither could print the teeth correctly. The original thingiverse teeth work great though, so I would assume the other pulleys that are duplicates would work.

Awesome, I saw them show up on thingverse a few hours ago and downloaded it thanks. I also see you popped up in the 107mm pulley thread volunteering help. What can I do to get you the information that will enable you to modify for the deeper centerset 107mm wheel hub? I can take pictures from all angles and measure anything you need but I don’t have a caliper so not sure how precise dimensions need to be? Really need to find a way to make this work, will even mail you a 107mm wheel of that is the way to get it done! Thanks.

Can you DM picks so I can see what you’re referring to. Are you saying the teeth on the pulley itself are too thin? I will double check that as soon as I’m into work in the morning but the tooth profile is the exact same as the 36 tooth. What’s your infill settings. I’ve printed my (36t) at 100% infill and 2mm wall thickness and I’ve yet to have a failed print.